I just read “Depression is an excuse for weak people”.
For god’s sake, how can you judge people that easy? And no, people who are suffering from depression aren’t weak at all.; they are too strong, stronger than most of other people..and that’s why they are still here. We fight against all the craps that our lives are giving to us, dying all over again, feeling like an worthless wasted space and yet doing the best we can to no one know how sad and hollow we feel..doing the same every day and surviving while we hope that all the pain and grief will disappear one day. And yes, we are still alive. That’s not a sign of weakness, that’s the sign of someone’s strenght. We don’t see the world as all of you do, we see It the way that It really is. You can’t judge someone for having an terrible life and awfully painful mental illnesses. Think before you speak.